Urban Outdoors Adventures for Adults courses

Join us at our wild locations to re-connect with nature and start your wilderness adventure; play forest school games and try out some really cool bushcraft at our adults forest school sesssions; learn about the flora and fauna of Britain foraging for medicinal plants to make herbal remedies at one of our herbal healing wellbeing courses

Play like your a child, learn really cool bushcraft skills, embrace the power of primitive fire using flint and steel, bow drills and tinder cloth, cook delicious foraged food on the open fire, make nettle cordage, make your own charcoal pencils for drawing and sketching, challenge yourself to walk the rope bridge and make zip lines…..
or just chill in the hammock enjoying the sounds of nature!

Healing Herbs Bitter and Mint family– Learn about the Bitter and Mint family of medicinal plants, spot their characterisitcs and find out their uses for health and healing. Take home your very own soothing tincture or tea made by you
Basketry – Weave your own willow basket – On this active two day course you will learn how to make a round-based basket with an asymmetrical border, using Somerset willow.
Pewter Jewellery making – Using sand moulds to create a unique piece of pewter jewellery on our own fire. This low melting metal is so fun to use.


Adults adventures in nature re-connect us with nature in a tangible and fun way and explore ways to inspire and enrich ourselves and each other. We need to find our way back to engaging wholeheartedly with the natural world

Join an adventure today and start your wilderness journey