There is never a dull moment at Forest school. The children are free to choose what to do but we always have so many interesting projects to get involved in. This year some of the activities have been black-smithing and making a pit forge, seed bombs, see-saws and log playgrounds, camp-fire pizzas and jam making, charcoal pencil making, whittling mallets and mushrooms, building a raft to launch at the Pirate Castle, tree climbing, Firelighting skills and axe work, Clay and kiln making, Shelter building, weaving, primitve axe and bow making and anything else the children can imagine!

St. Cuthberths with St Michaels Primary School

Air Pollution Projects

We have been working with various primary schools and boroughs on the theme of air pollution over the past few years. The theme was introduced to children through a series of workshops, active science and arts activities.

These projects resulted in a number of animation films we created in collaboration with various artists.

Fitzjohn’s Primary School

St. Cuthberths with St Michaels Primary School


Urban Outdoors also takes part at creating memorable participatory experiences using visual performance, processions, puppetry and music.

The company has a national and international reputation for community and cultural celebrations and interactive performances in public spaces. We work with a large team of creatives giving us the ability to deliver on every aspect of a project; artistic direction, design, construction, performance, facilitation and community engagement.

We have worked on carnival with:

  • Notting Hill Carnival
  • Under One Sky Carnival
  • Harrow Olympic Torch Rally
  • Thames Festival
  • Kentish Town Carnival
  • Royal Parks a.o
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