Nina Gebauer
Forest school Leader and Director

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Phone: +44(123)123 45 67

By bringing nature into our life, we invite humility
Richard Louv

Most of my childhood we lived next to urban woodland. I would follow the seasons quite naturally. Would go to the woods when I needed space, was sad or just because.

Moving away from that place of my childhood I lived in the countryside and the big city. Though when I needed reflection I found woodland, to breath and be.

I spent now over 15 years working in the outdoor and environmental education sector, enabling people of all ages to access the benefits that experiences in nature have to offer. I qualified as a Steiner school teacher and have taught in a variety educational settings for the past 20 years.
I am a Level 3 Forest school practitioner with a certificate in Outdoor First Aid and Paediatric First Aid. I am motivated by a desire to explore and connect with people and wild places.

My passion is driven by supporting children and adults to experience the benefits of regular learning experiences within a local natural environment. I love being in a woodland space and enjoys helping others discover the beauty and joy of being part of that natural world using exploration and self directed play. I am driven by the belief that we can all become the resilient, courageous and lifelong learners we would all like to be and that a life outdoors can play a fundamental part of helping us on that journey.